Presenting Journeys Assisted Living & Memory Care Neighborhood

Journeys GuideJourneys' program of care enhances the Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Social aspects of our Residents’ life through creating a strong, family atmosphere. Our “Guides” provide relational care that focuses on what our Residents are capable of accomplishing and not on their limitations.

Journeys Assisted Living and Memory Care is housed in three neighborhoods within the Thunderbird Senior Living Campus. Each neighborhood features a family-style setting that provides a nurturing environment with varied opportunities for interaction with our Guides and other Residents. The kitchen and dining area is a central element on each floor that is always open to help create a quality of life that is defined through positive and reassuring relationships.

Regardless of which level of care is chosen, Journeys places a high value on each Resident's freedom, dignity, and their relationships with those around them. Journeys is a place where everyone knows your name – you to wake up when you want to, eat when you want to, and spend your day doing the things you enjoy best.

MeetingJourneys prides itself on a relational, hands-on approach to caregiving. However, each resident has a unique care plan developed, supervised, and regularly reviewed by Journey's Medical Director, Nurse, and Nutritionist.

Furthermore, Journeys is dedicated to continually improving our standard of care and quality of lifestyle. Part of that dedication is exemplified with our strong relationship with experts in the field of geriatrics, including the Roskamp Institute, a leading research organization dedicated to diseases of the brain.

Lastly, Journeys is an integral part of Thunderbird Senior Living, one of Arizona's finest retirement communities and is managed by Freedom Senior Management – an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors for over 30 years.


Journeys Assisted Living & Memory Care – A Better Way To Care, A Better Way To Live.