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A Real Family Gathering at Thanksgiving

I wanted to write you to thank you. Our Thanksgiving gathering in the community room was perfect! We were able to relax and enjoy each other's company--including the children--and it felt like home. The Thanksgiving buffet was really good. All our guests were very pleased with the meal. (I am a vegetarian, but I hear the turkey and ham were terrific.) The table and drink station was better than we expected, too. Shamir was very attentive as were the rest of your staff. Thank you so much for allowing us to have a real family gathering at Thunderbird. We are very, very appreciative.

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Thunderbird Senior Living is just perfect..

Thunderbird Senior Living is just perfect; it is the most amazing place I could have imagined living in. I absolutely feel at home. They offer so many activities from dancing classes, musicians to anything else you can imagine. The staff here is just amazing, no one has ever acted like you are bothering them when you ask for something or bring something up. The entire staff is hands on and willing to help to include the executive director, I saw the executive director helping the staff set up chairs for the community. Everyone just seems to love what they do. The apartments are very nice and it is just a beautiful community. It is really more like a 4 or 5 star hotel. I would highly recommend this community to anyone. I just can’t say enough good things about it.

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Well, let's just say I'm the happiest person right now

Well, let's just say I'm the happiest person right now- I'm truly overjoyed! It's like living in the forest with all the big, beautiful trees around. I sit by the window on my patio for all my meals to enjoy the view because it's the most beautiful place ever. If you are ever in the area, please stop by and visit! Compared to where I was living during the construction of the new project at Thunderbird, this part of the community is so quiet- no more loud trucks, buses, or garbage trucks or smell of fire truck fumes at night. There are no barking dogs constantly all day from across the street and no dust all over everything from the road. Every morning I open my windows, breathe in the fresh air and take in all the beauty. Before the move, I had written down just where I wanted all my furniture to be put, which clothes needed to be hung up, and where they should put my washer, and they did a great job! However, my back room was filled with things I had asked to put away myself and it was a real job! For 2 days, I did nothing but disinfect my pantry, put my belongings away, and stocked my linen closet. Believe me, I had aches where I didn't even know I had muscles! I kept going and have just a few things left to do, but it looks great. I baked brownies to give to my neighbors and wrote each one a note about my speech problems, saying that if I make any noise to please let me know. In fact, my neighbor Carol on my right invited me to a Sing Along Christmas get-together which I attended. Everyone was just so very kind and welcomed me. It was a great feeling. Through my entire move, Thunderbird never gave up and supported me the whole way. The team of sales reps were all so patient when I'd ask anything and offered so much encouragement when I had little hope left. I can't even begin to thank you all enough! I have to say that my apartment feels like home, and a little piece of heaven. I would like to write a letter of recommendation to your boss just so he or she knows that you all gave me so much hope, the most beautiful apartment ever, and a whole new outlook on life. One step at a time is my new motto I use to encourage myself every day because of you all. My love to all of you and God bless you. 

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We moved into Thunderbird Senior Living...

We moved into Thunderbird Senior Living. We’ve been here for three weeks now, and so far we like it and we have no complaints. We are very pleased with this facility. The food has been good so far. We actually like the location because it’s near to my oncologist. They have a good location and good price. They have quite a few activities, although we just haven’t been able to take advantage of them because we are still busy moving out of our other house. The staff here are all very friendly. I haven’t had a bad situation with any of them.

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Thunderbird Senior Living was very clean...

Thunderbird Senior Living was very clean, the halls were clean and everything, and the grounds are very nice and beautiful. The restaurant is great; you choose from a menu. I had lunch there, and it was really very good. Everybody that I took there — my son, my sister, and a friend who know me very well — they all like the place and thought I would be very happy there. They have a lot of different classes that I want to take advantage of.

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My sister and I looked at many...

My sister and I looked at many and visited 3 centers looking for one that would be the right fit for our parents. As soon as we walked into Thunderbird, we were impressed with the warm atmosphere. Many people were in the lounge as you walk in, and they were talking, walking, reading newspapers and having fun. They also have many activities for the residents to do, and my parents have since moved in and joined some groups. Their apartment there is very spacious and the meals are wonderful. (We can eat with them for a small fee!) We always feel very welcome when we visit our parents. Thunderbird will also listen to suggestions and will implement classes and outings if residents want to do something. Also, the grounds are very beautiful and well-kept. There is one hall that is dedicated to assisted living, so some day, if needed, our parents can go to that portion of the retirement center.

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I’m moving to Thunderbird Senior Living...

I’m moving to Thunderbird Senior Living. It’s an independent living facility with some extra assistance. You are not paying for the services you don’t need, but only the ones that you do need. The services I included during my stay are housekeeping, help in taking showers, and someone would accompany me when I want to go places because my walking is not sound. They will also be handling my medicines. I chose this place because they waived their one-time community fee, which made it possible for me to get in there. The residents there have all good things to say about the place. The foods are also prepared by a chef with excellent credentials. He was a chef who worked in Hawaii for years before going to retirement facilities. He does all the cooking. This was very important to me.

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My parent lives in the Independent Living section...

My parent lives in the Independent Living section but needs some assistance with several activities like bathing, and supervised walking. Generally the extra care (fee for service, in-house home care) provided is good and on time. When the regular providers (paid care workers thru the facilities’ in-house home care agency) are not available, the new person is often reticent to jump right into the assigned tasks or untrained to do simple tasks like shaving. Also, they send new people to provide supervised walking all the time and the scheduled minutes are reduced to by 5-10 minutes without explanation. The Dining Room is outstanding and the food is portioned properly, menu choices and daily specials are plentiful and consistently prepared well. Overall the facility is maintained very well in the public areas, and the house repair staff is very responsive to requests for repair or replacement of equipment within individual apartments. Planned Activities are also plentiful, varied, advertised and promoted well and in effective places, and appeal to a wide variety of tastes and interests. Having regularly scheduled transportation in adapted buses, vans and vehicles to regular events and appointments is also readily available. Thunderbird is also very proactive about scheduling live performances or activities for residents to come together in big groups, i.e. dances, live concerts, etc., and their holiday decorations and activities are outstanding. They also schedule outside speakers for issues of interests specifically for seniors like Estate Planning, Advanced Directives, V.A. and Medicare/Medicaid benefits and program changes.

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I had a friend who lived at Thunderbird Senior Living...

I had a friend who lived at Thunderbird Senior Living. We didn’t get to see her that day, but it was a very nice place. We were there for a seminar about widows’ benefits from Veterans and we ended up taking the tour to see what it was like. It was very appealing and they had a very nice dining room where you ordered from a menu, it wasn’t a fix menu, and they didn’t even charge us, which was extra nice. It was a very nice place, they were very friendly people, and the rooms were fairly large. They had out of the building activities and a lot of different craft activities. My friend actually left there and went someplace else, but she came back, so what does that tell you? It is a nice place, she has a nice apartment, and she is very happy there. The food was very good. It seemed like a congenial place to be in. The few staff people that we spoke with were very nice and gave us information. The fact that we were not there to look at it, but we did look at it, made it even nicer because we did not expect it to be that nice.

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